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All About RE Tradie

At RE Tradie we believe the world of property is evolving. Our mobile devices are the first option for anyone looking for real estate. If you need a tradie for repairs, out comes the mobile. But the tradies still need to come to your property to assess the job.

Not Anymore!

RE Tradie is the link between tradies and your property. We create a profile for your property, using all the physical details. That profile is then made available to the tradesmen who you use for maintenance. You still use the tradies you know and trust, but now they're supercharged! With your property details easily accessed, maintenance is more efficient and you save on the invoice.

  • Landlords
  • Tradesman & Companies
  • Property Managers & Agencies

Access via any device

We have developed RE Tradie to be used on any device. It's simple to find details you need without even attending the property. Paint colours right through to the roof tile profile. Download from your Google Play or App Store .

  • Web Based Portal
  • iOS App
  • Android App

How it Works

Signup for an RE Tradie account, purchase property and method credits based on your preference. When you’re ready, add your property. Once your property profile is online, you will be able to invite tradesmen to access it. If you have allocated a managing estate agency, their approved tradesmen can also view your profiles.

  • Control who can view your profiles
  • Access property details instantly
  • Faster job turn around
  • Reduces billable hours
  • Update your profile anytime

Your tradesmen are able to access your property profile upon receiving maintenance orders and quote requests. By viewing your profile, they are able to obtain information about fittings, colours, etc. With the information at their disposal, tradesmen are able to collect job materials prior to attending the property and complete the work faster!

Supercharged Property Maintenance

We believe RE Tradie is the answer to reducing maintenance costs without squeezing your tradesmen. With access to details of your property, tradesmen can cut back their job assessment time and get straight to work.

Why RE Tradie?

RE Tradie is the only one of its kind. We create a detailed profile of your property and make that profile available to your tradesmen.

Property Profile

Profiles are made up of all the physical details of the property and arranged room by room. Instantly access details from paint colours to roof tiles, skirting boards to your hot water service. Everything your tradesmen will need to know to get your repairs done faster.

Smart Profile Submissions

Our smart system allows you to add the same detail over multiple rooms in on entry. This saves time when you have your whole house painted the same colour. Submitting details to a property profiles can only be done in a web browser.

Australia Wide

We can access your property no matter where it stands. We use the tradesmen of your managing agency to obtain the details, so we always have representatives where we need them.

Online Security

The details of your property is only available to your approved tradesmen. Agencies have their own approved tradesmen and when you assign your managing agency, their tradesmen can then access your property profile. Each of the tradesmen will appear in your approved tradesmen list. You can invite new tradesmen to view your profile and revoke access to any should you need to. All user activity is logged with admin and can be reviewed if needed.


We are striving to improve the process of property maintenance. Our team are constantly looking for solutions to obstacles that previously seemed to be normal. We are working to integrate RE Tradie with property management software suppliers, making the process even more streamlined.

Accounts Options

  • Free To Create An Account
  • Purchase Credits to Submit a Profile
  • Create & Submit Your Own Property Profiles
  • Send Your Builders Specifications & Photos
  • Request For Us to Create Your Profile
  • View Your Profiles Anytime
  • Update Property Profiles Using Web Portal
  • Manage Tradesmen Access
Property Manager View & Control Access
  • Free To Create An Account
  • View Property Profiles Anytime
  • Recommend Updates Property Profiles Using Web Portal
  • Manage Tradesmen Access
  • Referral Commission
  • Free To Create An Account
  • View Property Profiles Anytime
  • Recommend Updates Property Profiles Using Web Portal
  • Create Sub User Accounts For Employees
  • RE Tradie Representative Option
  • Referral Commission

Our Plans

To submit your property profile you need to select from the following options.
1) Select the credits you would like to purchase. Unused property credits don't expire and last for 12 months once used.
2) Select how you would like your property profile to be created. This is a one time purchase for each property you submit.

1 Property Credit


2 Property Credits

$55 8% off

3 Property Credits

$78 13% off

4+ Property Credits

$25 each
$25 each16% off


  • Unlimited Tradesman Access
  • Unlimited Profile Details
  • Unlimited Updates/Admin Reviews
  • Photo Slider – Using Photos You Provide
  • Email Support
  • Professionally Created Profile
  • On Site Property Assessment


  • Unlimited Tradesman Access
  • Unlimited Profile Details
  • Unlimited Updates/Admin Reviews
  • Photo Slider – Several Shots From Around The Property
  • Individual Item Photos
  • Email Support
  • Professionally Created Profile
  • On Site Property Assessment

Help & Support

If you require any assistance, please contact us through the web portal or app to create a support ticket.
Our support team are ready to assist between 8am - 7pm Mon - Fri and 10am - 4pm Sat. We are committed to customer satisfaction and would love to hear any feedback.
If you are not yet an RE Tradie user, it's free to sign up. Select your user type and get started today!

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